Remote Working

The Virtual Classroom

At Nomadic IBP, we are experts at virtual classroom training. The virtual classroom sessions are delivered in WebEx Training Center (or the client’s preferred platform) in a highly interactive fashion. This means that participants will practice extensively. At least half of each session is to gain handson experience and receive ample feedback from peers and the trainers. 

To ensure that each session will be interactive and engaging, the number of participants in each group is limited to 12. Since 2008, we have created a proven methodology for designing and facilitating virtual sessions that is based on interactivity and engagement

Engaging Learners for Impact

For many, the virtual classroom is a way to save costs and increase efficiency in learning. Although that is a clear benefit, we leverage the pedagogical benefits of the virtual classroom and create learning features that are even superior to some aspects of Face to face learning: simultaneous annotation, saving whiteboards and other documents, recording sessions for absent participants, break out rooms, video, private chat and enhanced listening skills. 

Nomadic IBP’s senior consultants are based across Europe, in South East Asia and North America. Nomadic consultants all have vast experience of working with major corporations internationally, across many cultures and working virtually. Through our global network of consultants we can offer our services in over 20 languages.

"Building the virtual community is a fundamental leadership challenge and you are equipped to do this"
Tony Russel
Former Director Executive Development at L'Oreal

International Business Psychology

With clients across the globe, we work in many sectors of the economy, such as automotive, executive education, manufacturing, pharma, IT services, food industry as well as not for profit. We help them grow, sustain and transform in a global environment: whatever it takes to embrace their future.

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Can’t find what you are looking for? Do not hesitate to contact us and we can tailor programmes based on your organization’s individual needs. We look forward to working together with you!

Fredrik Fogelberg, CEO Nomadic IBP

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