Programme Overview

For whom?

Team leaders, project managers and others who chair virtual meetings through any type of communication technology.

Group size: up to 12 participants


Facilitating effective virtual meetings is a skill that can be learnt. Poorly run virtual meetings often result in lower quality decisions, less motivation, lower engagement and even frustration or conflict. The skilled remote leader knows how to chair and create an engaging, pleasant setting for a meeting where participants contribute, feel engaged and the task is accomplished. 

Managed well, you know that virtual meetings can be both effective and highly economical. You can meet and work at any time with colleagues globally, saving significantly in travel, time and accommodation costs. 

Overcome your fear of virtual meetings Executives everywhere fear virtual meetings. Managing the video conference suite with a mind of its own – or the crashing software platform – is not much fun. And no one wants to look technically inexpert in front of colleagues and clients. So how can you be clear and engaging when you don’t know if people are listening, or checking their emails? Indeed – are they even there? Fear of losing colleagues’ attention is another common fear, alongside managing the participant who keeps on talking.

Session Overview

“The virtual training classroom training was a wonderful learning journey with an extraordinary group of professional colleagues, led by the very competent staff at Nomadic. You demonstrated what you taught us; you walked the walk. I came into the training with some anxiety around learning the WebEx technology and grasping the distinctions of virtual meetings and I left with a new confidence in my abilities moving forward.” 

Austrian Industrial Company

Programme Details

From the training course you’ll learn the following:

  • Create an engaging, friendly, and highly productive meeting environment.
  • Chair virtual meetings with skill and confidence.
  • Cope with virtual ‘etiquette’.
  • Select the most suitable communication technology for the purpose of the meeting.
  • Handle the communication technology of their choice with ease.
  • Influence virtual group dynamics in a constructive way.
  • Apply skills learned to other virtual meeting platforms, such as WebEx, GoToMeeting, Zoom and Skype for Business (formerly MS Lync).

In addition, participants will be aware of the benefits of remote meetings and enjoy it more than before.

Included in this training programme

  • Real time experience of a virtual team, as a member and as its temporary leader.
  • State of the art research-based content from senior facilitators who have all worked and lived in multiple countries and are themselves members of a virtual global team.
  • Opportunity to practice, learn from successes and mistakes in a safe environment.
  • A highly interactive virtual classroom (not a webinar environment) with a delivery team of two: a senior facilitator and a technical producer.
  • Dedicated webpage for each group with all course information.
  • Access to recorded sessions up to 1 month after the last session.
  • Book ‘live connections’ for each participant.

Session 1

Getting Started and Virtual etiquette Platform – TBD (2 hours)

Session 2

Choosing your technology Platform – TBD (2 hours)

Session 3

Virtual Meeting techniques Platform – TBD (2 hours)

Session 4

Engagement & Trust Platform – TBD (2 hours)

Virtual group sessions

Individual assignment (2 hours)

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