Our Clients


"Fredrik has an amazing insight into what makes global teams successful, and it is also a strong personal passion of his. We worked with Fredrik in person when all the team were in Europe in February, and then we worked virtually over the subsequent 4 months. Fredrik did enable our team to work more effectively and deliver a higher level of performance. He did this through timely interventions and improvement suggestions and he also shared with us some leading edge research around global teams. He also has an excellent grasp of technology, (webinars etc) to deepen the virtual team learning experience."
Global Team
"With this e-mail I would like to thank you for all you have meant for KLM and KLM Business Campus. Your “virtual facilitation” training has been key to the personal development of our trainers and via them her for the development of KLM Business Campus into a modern L&D department."
Training manager
KLM Air France
"Fredrik was very innovative in his methods of getting us to the root of the matter."
"You have been an absolute pleasure getting to know and your wisdom and modelling of the best practices has been very impactful on me."
"Thanks again to you and the team for the fantastic learning experience. I’m now a Nomadic fan!"
Excecutive coach
"Thank you, and thank you once again for a really fantastic three hours.  I had 4 or 5 big light bulb moments during our session and I was reflecting on how little you "told" and how much you guided me to "discover" for myself.  It was a truly awesome demonstration of active listening and coaching and I am going to follow that lesson closely in my future individual and group sessions with my team (head of legal, industrial company."
Head of Legal
Industrial Company EMEA
"The skills learned from the ongoing Nomadic coaching have been invaluable in building both team and personal resilience and are key ‘life skills’ on which we can draw in all aspects of our professional and personal lives."
Executive coach
"Your workshop has been quite life-changing for me. I was thinking of retiring and now I am highly motivated and inspired to start something completely new."
Executive coach
"I'd really like to put in writing my positive feedback concerning the personal coaching you have given me throughout our session in France and the 2 follow-up phone calls we had since then.  I hope that you can use this to promote the benefits of coaching. Personally, I really enjoyed your contact and admired your empathy and listening skills.  Beyond that, you were able to make me go very deep inside myself, and made me discover certain aspects of my character I had completely ignored for too long.  Your coaching allowed me to take concrete actions to control my emotions and influence my behaviour.  In a very short period of time, I was able to experience the impact that this change could have on me and subsequently, on people around me."
Strategy Consulting
"I am really grateful for inspiring conversations which often included answer to questions that were bothering me and which gave me the power for action"
Senior VP
German FMCG