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What does Nomadic Meetings offer?

Nomadic Meetings’ global producers provide support for care free online events.

Nomadic Meetings was established in 2013 and with over 2500 online meetings and training sessions successfully completed we can be trusted to provide our clients with a worry free meeting.  Nomadic Meetings producers have experience with most major platforms that are on the market today.

Our experienced virtual producers support both facilitator and participants during the session. He or she takes care of the technical side and all the logistics around scheduling and delivering successful virtual events. Our objective is to enable the facilitator to focus entirely on the content of the session.

If you or your organisation does not have access to a suitable online meeting platform for your meeting or event, Nomadic Meetings can also provide one. We have a range of platforms available including MS Teams, Zoom, Webex Meeting Center and Mural.

The producer will support you before, during and after the delivery of the session. This way you are always ready to organise and deliver professional virtual training sessions or meetings, even with little experience in the online environment.

In addition our producer can provide you with guidance on how to structure your web meetings to be engaging, interactive and enjoyable.

What makes us different?

The Nomadic Meetings producers are not just platform or technical experts; we also have knowledge of what works in the virtual classroom environment to engage participants. 

We can help with the design of your virtual programme and our multilingual producers can co-facilitate where needed.

We support you with Expert Synchronous Producers in various timezones and provide support in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and Mandarin.

"Nomadic Meetings enables me to be professional, leading edge and client focused. They bring ideas, new thinking and a total focus for making sure the experience is positive for all. I feel 100% assured of their service and professionalism."
Sian Thomas
Performance Coach – UK
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Nomadic Meetings’ highly experienced producers make your virtual events a success. In English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and Mandarin.


The Nomadic Meetings Producer will offer the following support:

Before the event:

  • If needed, checks and adjust the platform’s settings to accommodate the session’s specific needs
  • Gives advice on how to avoid technical issues
  • Is available for advice via email prior to an event 

Optional extras: 

  • Performs individual Technical Checks with participants in order to ensure that all participants are able to join the event 
  • Does a walkthrough with the facilitator, test your programme, give feedback and tips on how to optimize this for the specific platform

During the event: 

  • Opens the event 30 minutes before the starting time and is available to provide support
  • Loads the virtual training room with necessary content 
  • Helps all participants to login and connect to the audio conference 
  • Provides both technical and instructional support throughout the entire event, including troubleshooting and disaster recovery
  • Manages breakouts, videos and external polling tools
  • Assures that all documents created during the session are saved and ready for distribution 
  • Supports both facilitator and participants to increase interactivity and engagement 
  • Records the session if needed
  • Closes the event 15 minutes after the end of the event for evaluation
  • Edits recordings where needed
  • Distributes the recording and session documents

Would you like to know more?

Nomadic Meetings is a sister company to Nomadic IBP, who we share our expert knowledge of meeting platforms and the virtual classroom with. All our producers also work for Nomadic IBP. 

Email us at to discuss the many possibilities that we can offer.

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Nos services sont également offerts en français.
Wij werken ook in het Nederlands.
Nuestros servicios también se ofrecen en español. 

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