Programme Overview

For whom?

Team leaders, project managers and others who are expected to lead people, either in the same location or at a distance.

Group size: up to 12 participants


Many leaders and individual contributors working in an international context are at the risk to suffer from work overload. Often working in multiple project teams and across time zones, the demand for their availability is high, also outside working hours.

Technology enables efficient working across geographies and locations, but may also make it harder to disconnect. This type of a work environment may lead to increased levels of stress, burnout, reduced engagement and higher turnover. 

Leaders need to be aware of this trend and have the skills and tools to influence the working climate in a positive direction. They should also have to skills to increase their employees’ resilience.

Programme overview

  • The impact of the industrial an digital revolution on our view of stress
  • The benefits of health – my role as a leader beyond this program
  • Stress management
  • The impact of technology on our health
  • Burn-out prevention
  • Role plays, best practices, peer learning in small groups and case studies

Session Overview

“I should also highlight Nomadic IBP’s outstanding contributions in helping us to hone a high-performing team that is well-equipped to consistently deliver high quality end-products despite the constant stresses and strains inherent in down-sizing at our site.” 

EMEA HQ of Japanese Pharmaceutical Company

Programme Details

From the training course you’ll learn the following:

  • Better understand the degree of influence they have on stress and overall health 
  • Be able to manage themselves and others in a stressful environment 
  • Know how to recognize signs of distress in themselves and others 
  • Have developed the skill to address (mentally) unhealthy behavior 
  • Know how to build a team where people support each other 
  • Have a plan to make a positive impact on how the team handles stress.

On an organizational level, this will lead to higher employee engagement, better performance, reduced stress-levels and a lower % of days off due to sickness.

Included in this training programme

  • State of the art research-based content.
  • Delivered by a 2 person team including an expert in the area of health, resilience and stress-reduction.
  • A highly interactive virtual classroom (not a webinar environment).
  • Dedicated webpage for each group with all course information.
  • Access to recorded sessions up to 1 month after the last session.
  • A handout with a summary of the sessions and a list of further resources.

How to select your Programme

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    We adapt the programme in terms of content, duration, frequency of sessions

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    You approve and book


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