Programme Overview

For whom?

Team leaders, project managers and others who manage geographically dispersed teams, and need to achieve results over distance.

Group size: up to 12 participants.

From the training course you’ll learn the following:

  • Know the differences between leading a ‘classic’ team and a virtual team and be aware of their strengths and development areas as a remote leader.
  • Know how to build a (new) team through communication technology.
  • Be able to lead engaging, lively meetings that yield results
  • Aware of the cultural complexities of an international team and how to leverage those
  • Aware of the group dynamics of a remote team and how to influence that in a positive direction o Know how to manage performance of remote team members and coach them
  • Be able to generate improved results from virtual teams.

In addition, participants will be aware of the benefits of remote meetings and enjoy it more than before.

Session Overview

“I think it was a journey and just by being actively involved at every training session, we all improved our virtual communications skills and learned a lot of ways to improve communication in virtual teams.” 

Operations Manager at Danish Manufacturing Company

Programme Details

Included in this training programme

  • Real time experience of a virtual team, as a member and as its temporary leader.
  • State of the art research-based content from senior facilitators who have all worked and lived in multiple countries and are themselves members of a virtual global team.
  • Opportunity to practice, learn from successes and mistakes in a safe environment.
  • A highly interactive virtual classroom (not a webinar environment) with a delivery team of two: a senior facilitator and a technical producer.
  • Dedicated webpage for each group with all course information.
  • Access to recorded sessions up to 1 month after the last session.
  • Book ‘live connections’ for each participant.

Session 1

Getting Started (1 ½ hrs)

Session 2

Virtual comm. technology and etiquette (2 hours)

Session 3

Starting a Virtual Team (2 hours)

Session 4

Trust & Conflict in the Virtual Environment (2 hours)

Session 5

Managing Performance Remotely & coaching (2 hours)

Session 6

Leading productive virtual meetings (2 hours)

Session 7

Virtual Cross Cultural Comm. (2 hours)

Session 8

Application in day to day (2 hours)

How to select your Programme

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    Talk to us about your organisation's needs

  • Step 3

    We adapt the programme in terms of content, duration, frequency of sessions

  • Step 4

    You approve and book


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