Interactive webinars on ZOOM

Managed well, webinars can be both effective and economical in time and money. You can reach out whenever you want to your global audience, saving significant travel time and costs.

As we speak, ZOOM is rapidly becoming the # 1 online tool for webinars and many organisations use it for town hall meetings with remote employees for instance. Last month, Nomadic IBP supported an Austrian client to hold a 2 day online conference with 85 employees from around the world. In previous years, participants were flown in to Europe, and now they were pleasantly surprised by how lively and effective the conference turned out in virtual space. Imagine the savings in travel cost, time and environmental footprint.

But chances are that running a webinar is not something that fills you with joy.

The thought of managing a web platform with a mind of its own – or the threat of crashing software and the fear of not being able to manage a technical fault – all make facilitators nervous.

Mastering Interactive Webinars (WIM) from Nomadic IBP is a new, focused live online training for leaders, facilitators and HR professionals who are expected to deliver high quality webinars, on ZOOM or any other platform.

With The MIW programme, you’ll be able to design and deliver online events (webinars) to a large audience interactively. This hands-on training takes place on ZOOM in a small, instructor led group, with plenty of opportunity to practice in a safe environment.

Sign up here for a free online sample session of this training progrmme, view a MIW brochure here.