What device can you use to connect to a Nomadic Virtual Training

Connecting for a Nomadic training in Webex should always be done via a desktop computer or laptop (Windows or Mac), NOT via a mobile phone or Ipad/tablet or Chromebook. Although a connection using these devices will be possible, some interactive features are not supported for mobile devices – preventing you from taking part in all aspects of the training session.

For connecting to audio – please use a USB headset, or dial in by phone, using a phone headset. Do not use your computer speakers or a speakerphone, this will cause echoes for the other participants.

Getting started

When you join a Webex session or a Webex test session for the first time – you will be prompted to install a Webex on your computer. Please click run or allow when this happens. It will take a few seconds.

You may also be asked to enable Java in your internet browser. Please click here https://java.com/en/download/help/enable_browser.xml for instructions on how to do this for your browser.

Your browser should allow pop-ups.

Testing your connection

To test whether your computer or your office has the possibility to connect to Webex, please use this test link: https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html

Connectivity issues

If there is a connection problem the cause could be:

  • Company security setting not allowing you to install the WebEx plugin – choose to Run a Temporay Application (indicated at bottom of page)
  • An office firewall preventing access – contact your IT department or change the firewall settings of your own network
  • Security settings of your browser – modify the security settings of your browser
  • Your web-browser or operating system is not compatible. Please check system requirements here: https://nlnl.help.webex.com/docs/DOC-4748. Often changing to another browser will solve the issue.
  • If you still cannot connect, please contact us via voorthuis@nomadicibp.com and we will schedule a technical check with the support of one of our producers, to help you get connected.  

Some tips in general to improve your connection:

  • Make sure your computer has enough memory available by closing other applications on your computer and clearing the cache
  • Make sure other user applications running on your (local) network allow enough bandwidth

If you need urgent technical assistance with Webex you can contact Webex 24/7.

Please visit: https://support.webex.com/MyAccountWeb/needsupport.do?userType=ht for a local phone number

 Audio issues

If you can connect to the screen but your audio does not connect during a training session, you can connect with the session producer in the chat box on the lower right corner for technical assistance.

Some things to check out yourself:

If you have dialed in using your computer (VOIP – using a headset) always do the Test Speaker/Microphone first – as is suggested on your pop-up screen while dialing in. Here you can choose different in/output channels – make sure you have chosen your USB headset for both speaker and microphone and not your computer’s built-in mic and speakers.

If the audio connections succeeds, you will see a headset icon next to your name in the participants list on the Webex screen. If you see the icon but have no sound, please check the following:

  • Is your headset / computer volume on and turned up?
  • Check if your headset is not accidentally muted (some have physical mute buttons)
  • Does your headset have a battery powered power supply? Then check if the batteries are still charged
  • Check if your headset does work with other applications on your computer
  • Try to un- and replug your headset (make sure again to choose the correct input/output channels after doing this)

Still no audio? – Click on the AUDIO button at the bottom of the participant panel. Please logout of the audio section by clicking on “leave audio conference” and dial in by phone.  A list of Global dial-in numbers will be available in the Audio window.

Be sure to enter the session number as well as you Attendee ID which you will also find on your Webex screen.

For support, you can connect with the session host anytime during the process.